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Volunteer & Intern Program

We focus on a variety of projects to

accomplish and 

we need lots of hands to make it


TMF feels that the families who get the proper support can thrive in spite of any difficulties they may have.  We focus on a variety of projects to

accomplish our mission. 

As a representative of TMF, your contribution is a very important part of this process, because your work directly influences our organizationís reputation and helps facet change within our community.  Hope you find your work here as volunteer both rewarding and challenging.

Interested in Volunteering? Fill out the forms

online by clicking the link below or call our main

office line at (716) 842-1300.

Volunteer Online Form


  • Enroll in a program, because you need help

  • Volunteer

  • Micro-Volunteer

  • Intern

  • Work Experience Placement

  • Participate in Community Engagement

  • Donate Items

  • Become a Member

  • Apply for open board or committee positions

Share your skills! 

Virtual Volunteers are also a blessing here at the foundation working with things like social media, micro-volunteering, creative writing and more. 

Current OPEN positions: Law Assistant Intern and Bookkeeping Intern

We are extremely grateful for any and all support that you can provide to the organization. 


Any Questions? 

Please do not think that you cannot help us in some way! Please email our volunteer coordinator at DMS@morlockfoundation.org for any further questions.