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There is no doubt about it, we are growing.  We are working with many institutions with Internships and Services Learning, Providing Work Experience, as well as our community with volunteering. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT to make a better community.  You will know that when you come and volunteer here, you are making a difference for families in our community that often fall between the cracks.  We can never promise results but we work hard to make things happen for our families.  We have saved families in our Save the Family Program $9.7 million dollars on medical bills, equipment and more.  We can't wait to meet you.  

Virtual Volunteers are also a blessing here at the foundation working with things like social media, micro-volunteering, creative writing and more.  

When filling out the form below, there positions for Internships, Service Learning and Volunteering each with a pull down list.  We have positions available, please look through and choose one or more that peak your interest. If right now you are not sure what position or where your interest is but you know you want to volunteer just go all the way to the bottom of the pull down menu and let us know that you are not sure right now. After filling the details, click on the SUBMIT button. We are extremely grateful for any and all support that you can provide to the organization. Please do not think that you cannot help us in some way!

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  Hours needed to be completed:  1-10 Hours- for school
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 21-30 Hours-for school
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  Service Learning or Volunteering?:  Yes - One time volunteer
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 Yes - College
 Yes - Court Mandated
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 No- I will be a regular weekly volunteer
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After filling the details, click on the SUBMIT button. Thank you!
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