The Morlock Family-Morlock Foundation, Inc. 501c3 organization

Our Niagara County address has changed. Our new address is 140 Genesee Street, Lockport, NY 14094

Morlock Foundation, Inc.                                    501c3 organization

The Morlock Family

Who are the Morlock's? 

          Every family has a story to tell, some are stories of happiness, some are stories of suffering, and some are stories of great blessings. The Morlock Foundation, Inc. has its own story of happiness, suffering, and great blessings.

         The Morlock Foundation was dedicated to Hal Morlock man who served two terms in Vietnam and worked hard to take care of his family and others. He assisted others when the need came up and taught his children to do the same.  In his passing the Carmaletta Morlock-Zandi (Hal's daughter) started the foundation in 2002 in his honor to carry on his legacy of generosity.

         The Morlock Foundation was originally established by Carmaletta Morlock-Zandi faced a heart-wrenching journey after the birth of her son, Donovan was diagnosed with a heart condition. After twenty-four years, four open-heart surgeries and exceeding the doctors estimated five year life expectancy, Donovan overcame these obstacles to become a successful adult and proud father.

        This story will continue to live on through The Morlock Foundation’s mission to create happiness in the lives of those who are suffering and bring blessings to those who are facing financial and emotional struggles that came with life life changing medical diagnoses and times of need.  

 The Morlock Foundation, Inc. hopes to be a light in the darkness for all families in the community. 

The Morlock Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the following people: 

Hal Gregg Morlock (1948-2002)


Donna Morlock 

"They showed us all that we could do anything we put our minds to, how to help

others, working hard is not always working smart, and that love is the key" 

Donovan Zandi 

He has given us hope that miracles do happen each and everyday.

Life is too short, show those you love that you love them.
Amber Lena (1993-2016)
Danielle (1989-2017)