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Our Niagara County address has changed. Our new address is 140 Genesee Street, Lockport, NY 14094

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Save the Family

Save the Family 

The Save the Family (STF) program works with families that suffer from the traumas that come with disease or disability or other life consequences. With each family trauma can vary and the things that overwhelm a family can be very different.  So our help come in many different ways.


Niagara County Story: 

Sobbing fills the phone line.  ďI am not sure what to do, I am pregnant and they are telling me that my baby has heart disease and my die if she does not have surgery as soon as she is born, but my insurance company is refusing to pay for transport to Cleveland and she may not even make it down there in time.  I think we are just going to go down there and have the baby and then if insurance donít pay they donít pay.Ē  

This is a true story.  This family did not know that even if they went down there the baby was not guaranteed to be allowed to have the surgery because the insurance would not cover any part of it.  We often do things without full understanding and thought.  

The Morlock Foundation worked with the primary OBGYN, the cardiologist in Buffalo, Cleveland Clinic, the insurance company, the babyís primary (even though the baby was not born yet), the employer, the church the family attended  and it did not stop there. The baby was set to arrive 2-3 weeks after the phone call. This was crisis mode and that is how we worked, as crisis mode. We were able to get the paperwork completed, the approvals, the Ronald McDonald house in cleveland, all of the members on the same page. The baby was born 2 weeks and 3 days after the phone call.  She went into surgery immediately. The baby girl survived and is doing great. We saved the family in medical bills alone over $1.2 million dollars, we had a fundraiser with the church to cover their travel expenses and food costs too.  


What if we were not here to help that family?  

My guess is that they would have gone down to Cleveland and suffered a huge loss because the insurance company had no prior authorization for the family to get care there and maybe the baby would not have made it.  We are grateful to say this family is doing well.

Our staff have helped clients:

Get Medical Bills paid, reduced or written off

Get equipment needed

Plan fundraisers

Hospital Planning 

End of Life Care and Planning

Hospital Support

Family Support 

and more...


Questions & Answers 
Can you call for someone else? 
Absolutely.  You can call to start the process however, then we must talk with the family that is in need.  
What approach does the Morlock Foundation take to provide support?
Each case is different. The basic process is that first we assess the situation and take a look down every avenue. If there is a need for equipment, we will work to get it donated. If there is a need for prescriptions, we will work with you to fill out a grant to help pay the expense. If you need help with medical bills paid, we work with hospitals and insurance providers to find out if we can request a deduction or a grant to cover there. 
We do not provide straight cash but rather work to find a sustainable way to work out the clients needs for an overall improvement of life. 
Is there any guarantee for aid?

There is no guarantee that The Morlock Foundation(TMF) can help everyone with their needs but we are 100% dedicated to trying. 

Other questions? 

Call us at our main line (716) 842-1300

Project: Grandma's Couch 
Grandma's bring are all around and we use their help to provide family support to families.  Grandma's provide an ear and a warm heart while being supervised by a case manager.  Grandma's couch starts with an assessment session of 60-90 minutes followed by 6-12 weeks planned intervention.   

Social Work and Paperwork to get started