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Save the Family

Save the Family 

The Save the Family (STF) program works with families that suffer from the traumas that come with disease or disability or other life consequences. With each family trauma can vary and the things that overwhelm a family can be very different.  So our help come in many different ways.


Micro Social Work.
Our Social Workers are of various levels from BASW, MSW, LMSW and LCSW.  We work with the family to try and meet their needs.  

Our staff includes members at various levels of education MEd, BS, MC and various work expereince levels. 

Our staff have helped clients:

Get Medical Bills paid, reduced or written off

Get equipment needed

Plan fundraisers

Hospital Planning 

End of Life Care and Planning

Hospital Support

Family Support 

and more...


What is the process?

Step 1. Contact us

You do not need to be referred by an organization, you can just contact us via our main office line (716) 842-1300 or by email

Step 2. Fill out an Initial forms

Once we have the initial contact we can send out paperwork to your home or you can print it from below.  You may mail or email the forms back to us. All paperwork must be completed and returned before anything else can happen. If you complete the intake form on your own we need for you to put you initials in each box next to the understandings and sign the bottom.  If you fax it in to our HIPAA complaint fax at 716-249-3388 or email it in, the intake worker will call to go over the intake form and and any other forms before sending your case to Case Management.

Initial forms to be completed:

2. Personal Health Information
3 & 4 included in #1 and #2
Medical Bill Overview Form (If applies) 
6. A copy of your insurance company HIPAA form with Morlock Foundation, Inc. added in as someone that can talk with the insurance company and hositpals to help you. 
If you have bills for Roswell please pull their HIPAA form and sign that and send to us as well. ((We are working on getting our documents with the ability for you to sign online.  Please watch for updates. )))

Step 3. Intake Appointment

Once the paperwork has been sent out the intake process begins. You will be called to set up an intake appointment. An appointment may be set up by the intake specialist and can take 20-45 minutes.  You may be able to setup the intake appointment on your first phone call to the office, you just have to request one. If you complete the intake in advanced and faxed time will be reduced for inital intake appointment. 

Step 4. Connected with a Caseworker

Once the paperwork has been received, the supervisor and caseworker meet to discuss the needs of the family.  Then the caseworker will call the client with an update. The caseworker becomes your case manager.  From there you will receive the appropriate help and support. 

Communication Log (Staff only) 

The Morlock Foundation (TMF) is dedicated to helping people to the best of our ability. Know that your case is being handed with care and that we will do all that we can to ease your families struggle.

Questions & Answers 
Can you call for someone else? 
Absolutely.  You can call to start the process however, then we must talk with the family that is in need.  
What approach does the Morlock Foundation take to provide support?
Each case is different. The basic process is that first we assess the situation and take a look down every avenue. If there is a need for equipment, we will work to get it donated. If there is a need for prescriptions, we will work with you to fill out a grant to help pay the expense. If you need help with medical bills paid, we work with hospitals and insurance providers to find out if we can request a deduction or a grant to cover there. 
We do not provide straight cash but rather work to find a sustainable way to work out the clients needs for an overall improvement of life. 
Is there any guarantee for aid?

There is no guarantee that The Morlock Foundation(TMF) can help everyone with their needs but we are 100% dedicated to trying. 

Other questions? 

Call us at our main line (716) 842-1300