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Carmaletta Zandi           President


Lynn  Taber                       Vice President
                                            Busy Little Bees Daycare
                                            Business Owner

Lisa Kaminski     Treasurer 


Alaina Taber                      Secretary
                                          University at Buffalo, Student

Jacqueline Reynolds         Assistant Secretary
                                       A Blooming Place Florist

Eric Taber                      Exofficio 



Donovan Zandi                   ASAP Couriers


Michael Zandi                    Exofficio
                                           Zandi Enterprises
                                           Business Owner

TMF Ex-officio members are members of the board whom agree with the mission and vision and help to lead without voting privileges or share a voting privilege with another board member. 
**Change approved by board of directors 8/14/12.

Honorary Board:
Honorary Board: Gives input to help with the growth of the foundation.  
**Honorary Board only has voting privileges at annual meeting if attend. Their attendance does not affect the quorum. 







The Board of Directors meet every other month for a total of 6 board meetings and occasional emergency meetings.  The Business Deployment Model Business Plan (BDMBP) Committees meet the opposite months of the board meetings. These committees consist of : Programs and Growth.  The Board has just completed the 2016 BDMBP. Event committees meet as set by the committee.  

To become a board member you must: 
-Attend all board meetings
-Attend the BDMBP meetings for the committee you represent
-Attend event committee meetings you represent
-Attend 90% of events

Do you feel you have that something to become a board member?  Apply by sending your resume to President@MorlockFoundation.org

What does it take to become a board member at the Morlock Foundation? 
What things to I have to know to become a board member? 
How often do I need to attend? 
What are the other expectations for me to become a board member? 
All these questions and more can be found in our board book which is available upon request. 


Business Plan Deployment Model: 
Funding and Growth Division
Programming Division

Executive Committee 
Lynn                             Chairman

Campaign & Fund Development, Finance
Lisa                           Chairman

Nomination Committee
Donovan                         Chairman

PR & Marketing Committee
Allison                          Chairman

Risk Management Committee
Carmaletta                    Chairman

Junior Board Committee
Gives input to help with the growth of the foundation as our future. **The junior board has no official voting rights during board meetings.  
Donovan                      Board Liaison


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