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What does it look like when your donations come to the foundation? Hire more staff to open up more appointments for children suffering from the ACEs trauma. Purchasing more food for those suffering from food insecurity. Purchase more backpacks and clothing for those suffering from poverty. Help clients suffering from poverty with overwhelming medical bills. Along with many other additional means.

Morlock Foundation, Inc.                                    501c3 organization


Our programs are designed to go Beyond Trauma: Improving the value of YOU!  What exactly does that mean?  What types of trauma are you workin through? 
Evangel Food Pantry: Traumas associated to hunger.  
   Save the Family: Traumas of having disease, disability, domestic violence, disasters, and lack of basic needs.  
Community Awareness and Preparedness:  These projects work with trauma concerns and address them at a community level.  Projects include: AmberLena Kincare, Voiceless TPR 
Tough Cookie Fund:  Traumas associated to life but looking to be a tough cookie and plan for continuing education. 

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COVID 19 updates

We are working through zoom and in person.  Please email or call the office to verify changes. 716-842-1300

It is time to reach out and talk to someone.

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TMF Center for learning includes: 
INTERNS and More


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Donation, Value Statement and Mission


Value Statements: RESPECT



Respect of clients, agency, co-workers,  

and self

Excellence in service

Success through teamwork and goal setting

Progress through innovation, & efficient,  

ethical, and effective practices

Experiencing love, support, growth, & respect

Caring support

Traditional family and business values


Mission: Beyond Trauma: Improving the value of YOU!