Exe Summary-Morlock Foundation, Inc. 501c3 organization

Our Niagara County address has changed. Our new address is 140 Genesee Street, Lockport, NY 14094

Morlock Foundation, Inc.                                    501c3 organization

Executive Summary & Vision

 The Morlock Foundation, Inc.

501(c)3 Approved

Executive Summary

           The Morlock Foundation, Inc. (TMF) was originally established by Carmaletta Morlock-Zandi to help those who have fallen upon hard times and could not afford medical bills and procedures, without the help of knowing how to navigate insurance and medical practices.  

            The foundation has expanded into three additional programs: including a food pantry, a community awareness and preparedness, and Tough Cookie Fund. 


          The focus of this campaign is to create strategies and tactics for the Morlock Foundation to use for many years to come.  After our analysis of the situations at the foundation, we have determined our main goal for this campaign is to focus on the recruitment of volunteers and interns by using various methods of communication.  The analysis of the key publics has led us to believe we should focus on college/universities,  fraternities, sororities and high school students, who all may need to fulfill some sort of volunteer requirement.  Also, we decided on church groups and senior citizens because these people may be more prone to volunteer.

         Within our plan we have stated our solution to this problem; that The Morlock Foundation must reach out to these various audiences to increase its transparency amongst its key publics.  A summation of the solutions includes 

-various outreach speeches at various schools and campuses

-various outreach to area churches 

-various outreach to senior citizen homes

         Finally, we have considered the online community by suggesting the Morlock Foundation continue work on its online social circles through Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, and continue to improve the website offerings.


          The positioning of the Morlock Foundation is evident.  Their organization is quite unique in the fact that it possesses qualities that are original and unlike others.  Morlock is interested in the well being of people in its community and its goals and objectives prove this.  They want to ensure that people in western New York have places to eat and take their children when they need care or assistance.  The Morlock Foundation is seen in a positive light by way by of its publics because of the way the foundation is set up.      

Presented by:

Phil Cravatta, Jarrad Mendel, Nicole Ringel, AndreeRenee Simpson



1. We envision a future where individuals and families do not fall between the cracks,  but have the ability to get help through community services.  

2. We strive to help as many individuals and families as possible to not only survive, but flourish in the community.  

3. We aspire to be a widely recognized support organization, providing compassionate care by our understanding staff, and providing client centered services.
4. In collaboration with other agencies and university/college we aim to create a unique support system for both clients and members of the community. Facilitating learning and recognizing that everyone has something to offer.