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The Morlock Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 Charitable Foundation. Your donations can be tax-exempt using the 990 Tax-Exemption Form. Please click here for a form. 

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1. Picture ID (Example: Drivers License
2. Proof of Address (Example: Electric Bill)
3. Proof of Income (Example: Pay Stub or Social Security Letter)

Come on in with the items above that we need you to bring and ask for Marlyn. (pronounced like Florida Marlin's) 

No that is considered double dipping.  If you are caught double dipping you may be asked to leave all pantries that you have been attending.  

Supporters of our pantry include: 
BJs_LOGO                      Clarence since 2015

499 W Klein Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221 since 2002

1593 Niagara Falls Boulevard since 2005


Since 2000


Faith United Church in Christ since 2007

-Nifty Fifty @ Faith United Church of Christ, since 2005

Clarence Youth Bureau

-Williamsville Central School 2nd Graders

-Cub Scout Troop


 Evangel Food Pantry
Evangel Assembly of God Church
8180 Greiner Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 221-0190
The Evangel Food Pantry is a "client choice" pantry. This allows 
clients to go in and choose what they need based on the available supply.         

Food Deliveries to the pantry: Monday (Monday before 2nd Tuesday)
Volunteers ONLY, Contact Mike Z for Details
(716) 259-2862 call or text

Every Tuesday 
1st and 3rd weeks: 8:30am-12:30pm for Client Food Pickup (not client choice).
2nd and 4th weeks: 8:30am-1:30pm for Client Food Pickup. 
(Except December only the 2nd Tuesday)
Please arrive by 1:00 to received client choice.  
Volunteers 8am-3pm

Every Wednesday
8pm-for Client Food Pickup by appointment. (not client choice)

Emergency Pickups Available
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Stop into the Main Office of the Church (same address as above) 
to request an emergency box.
Every Sunday
 8:30am-10am for Client Food Pickup (by appointment)
FOR APPOINTMENT: text 716-221-0190



Food and Clothing Donations may be dropped off at the church. Please make sure to let someone know what you are dropping off indicating that it is for the food pantry.  Please include your name and address on a piece of paper when you drop off.  
Monetary donations, please make checks payable to Evangel Food Pantry or The Morlock Foundation.  

Current donations needed: 

Peanut Butter
Tuna fish
Toilet Paper
Paper towels
Baby Items
Clothing for all ages 

Thank you for your blessings to our pantry.  

Learn more about the hunger struggles in the Buffalo Area:
Hunger Study 2010
Faces of HUNGER
Pound for Pound Challenge

This months special thank you: 
Our pantry is located in the Northtowns and often is not able to get turkeys for Thanksgiving, this year our pantry received:
2   from: Sheila
90   from: Carubba Collision, 
done thru the Foodbank of WNY and 97 rock's Rock for Hunger
28 turkeys and dinner baskets   from: Nifty Fifty

It is because of all these donations that 120 of our 143 families were able to receive turkeys this year.  

We have a wonderful, dedicated and hard working volunteer staff and we thank you all so very much for your hard work.  You are such a blessing to us and our clients.  Special thanks to the Interns who came from the office to pitch in for the food pantry before Thanksgiving.  

Mission Statement: Providing hope to the hungry and helping to find sustainable ways to improve lives.

FAQ's for Clients: 
*How come I see people getting food before the pantry opens? Well there are a number of reasons for this.  1)We have volunteers that deliver to other clients and they pull the food for those orders and take them out to their cars for later delivery.  2)We serve over 125 families each large pantry so, if we are ready we will start early.  It is important to know we do NOT always start early.  We start at 9am.  3)If we have a lot of volunteers that have called off we will start early to ensure that we don't have clients waiting for long periods of time. 

*Why do I seem to wait a long time sometimes and then the next time I get right in? We there are a few reasons for this: 1)We have a lot of clients show up early and we do a first come first serve bases, except for those that do deliveries for us.2)We only have 10 carts to work with, we can not go around to pull orders if clients are sitting in the lobby with their carts or have them outside... the faster the carts come back in is the faster we can serve our clients.  3)We have a lot of volunteer staff members call off.  Please remember we are all volunteers trying to bless your life with food, we will try to serve you as quickly as possible.  
*Bread that is donated is produced without the preservatives so you must use your bread within a day or two, or freeze it to prevent molding. Remember if it hot outside or in your house the bread will mold quicker.  Take measures to make your bread last longer for your family. 

*What do we need to remember? 1)Come in and sign in right away, we can not serve you in order if you don't sign in when you come in.  2)We can not take people ahead of others because of doctors, work or other reasons; it is to hard with serving so many families to keep track of who needs to go to an appointment and not to give preferential treatment.  3)After signing in please do not stand in the room that we serve people it makes the volunteers feel like that are being micromanaged and rushed. Please have a seat in the foyer and enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack provided on the table out there. 4)You can NOT take the clothing and sell it, put it in a consignment shop. You should only take 3-4 items per person. 5)Make sure you bring your own bags.  We will no longer be providing bags due to the cost and we feel it would be more beneficial to provide more needed products then bags.  

*Meat donations are picked up the morning of the food pantry and arrive at the food pantry completely frozen at 6:30am.  We unload it and take it right into the kitchen and freezers.  When the meat reaches the date on the packages BJ's immediately freezes it to ensure the freshness of the product.  We ask you to do the same, take appropriate measures to ensure your meat, fish and extras get back in the freezer as quickly as possible.  When taking it out to your car put it in a cooler or the bags used to keep frozen items cold. 

*Refrigerator Products that come from the Foodbank of WNY is brought  in a refrigerated truck and comes into the pantry and these things are the first thing put away into the freezers and refrigerators.  

*What to do when something is bad. We want to ensure you that we are taking extra measures to ensure the product is the best we can provide it to you.  However, you can make a complaint or ask questions by texting: 716-221-0190, calling 716-842-1300 or even calling the Foodbank of WNY at 716-842-1305.  

*How do I volunteer?  Email or call 716-842-1300 for more information.  


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