Danni's Kids-Morlock Foundation, Inc. 501c3 organization

What does it look like when your donations come to the foundation? Hire more staff to open up more appointments for children suffering from the ACEs trauma. Purchasing more food for those suffering from food insecurity. Purchase more backpacks and clothing for those suffering from poverty. Help clients suffering from poverty with overwhelming medical bills. Along with many other additional means.

Morlock Foundation, Inc.                                    501c3 organization

Danni's Kids

Just one caring heart can stop suicide
Danni was a beautiful young lady who had some things happen in her life that put her into the foster care system at 16.  She had many stuggles in her life and at 17 returned to biological home to have what she thought would be a "chance to be a happy family".  By the time she hit her 18th birthday we was back on the streets, homeless.  
Danni stuggled with loss of her family, grief and loss of friends and grief loss of her foster sibling at which point she had it with life, everything seemed to be going wrong but....... 
She never turned to anyone so Danni made a decision that she could not take back, she took her life. 
This program is dedicated to Danni and we hope to help children communicate, practice communication of difficult issues, to change outcomes and decision they make for their future.  

Now accepting applications for age 5-10 group counseling.