About Us-Morlock Foundation, Inc. 501c3 organization

Our Niagara County address has changed. Our new address is 140 Genesee Street, Lockport, NY 14094.

Morlock Foundation, Inc.                                               501c3 organization

Basic Information

Programs Overview
-Save the Family - working with Families through traumas of life

-Evangel Food Pantry - helping the hungry

-Tough Cookie Fund - scholarships opportunity the person who has had to be a tough cookie to get through tough times

-Community Awareness & Preparedness Projects - bring awareness and preparing for change
          *AmberLena Kincare 
          *Voiceless TPR Rule (formerly Samantha's Rule) -developing and     
          promoting the protection for children who can not speak for 
          *Friends of Children Uniquely Served (FOCUS)
          *Cost Freeze Legislation
          *Danni's Kids - helping children through grief and loss

-Center for Learning
****The Morlock Foundation - making no promises we just work hard to make a difference. ****We would like to thank our donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers, interns and board of directors. It is because of you we are making a difference in our community. ****

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Chat with us while we are online or leave us a message.  Don't worry if you don't have an email just enter  nomail@gmail.com or leave it blank.  Can't wait to hear from you.                                                        

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