About Us-Morlock Foundation, Inc. 501c3 organization

What does it look like when your donations come to the foundation? Hire more staff to open up more appointments for children suffering from the ACEs trauma. Purchasing more food for those suffering from food insecurity. Purchase more backpacks and clothing for those suffering from poverty. Help clients suffering from poverty with overwhelming medical bills. Along with many other additional means.

Morlock Foundation, Inc.                                    501c3 organization

Basic Information

Programs Overview
-Save the Family - working with Families through traumas of life

-Evangel Food Pantry - helping the hungry

-Tough Cookie Fund - scholarships opportunity the person who has had to be a tough cookie to get through tough times

-Community Awareness & Preparedness Projects - bring awareness and preparing for change
          *AmberLena Kincare 
          *Voiceless TPR Rule (formerly Samantha's Rule) -developing and     
          promoting the protection for children who can not speak for 
          *Friends of Children Uniquely Served (FOCUS)
          *Cost Freeze Legislation
          *Danni's Kids - helping children through grief and loss

-Center for Learning
****The Morlock Foundation - making no promises we just work hard to make a difference. ****We would like to thank our donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers, interns and board of directors. It is because of you we are making a difference in our community. ****

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Chat with us while we are online or leave us a message.  Don't worry if you don't have an email just enter  nomail@gmail.com or leave it blank.  Can't wait to hear from you.                                                        

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