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****The Morlock Foundation - making no promises we just work hard to make a difference. ****We would like to thank our donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers, interns and board of directors. It is because of you we are making a difference in our community. ****


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Mission: Improving quality of life.







Buffalo CORE -September 1, 2017 -December 31,2018 

The start of handing out the diamonds.  Diamonds are given to hard working individuals that are making a differnce
in our community.  Showing the community we care about that they matter.  Awards dinner will follow in January 2019


 Shred It  
Drop off your personal items for shredding 
8180 Greiner Road, Williamsville 1-3pm.
 $10 per box to Shred.
September 30,2017.


Glow for Life Survival Events - Monthly  
Survival of the loss a family member who OD or committeed suicide, survived cancer and more.  Monthly events aims
for those surviving life events and to have fun with others who have survived lifes events as well.  
July 14- Glow for Life Ride, Bike Ride

August 19, 2017- Kooky Kayakers 
  Kayak down the Tonawanda Creek, starting at Sweeney Road (Old Niagara Falls Blvd) just off Robinson
​​​​​​​Road. 11am start time. 

September 21- Glow for Life Ride, Bike Ride

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